Huawei MediaPad T3 Kids Tab, 7 Inch, Wi-Fi, 8GB, Grey

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    349.00 SR
Huawei MediaPad T3 Kids Tab, 7 Inch, Wi-Fi, 8GB, Grey
349.00 SR
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349.00 SR

    Learn to Play, Play to Learn

    A specially-designed Kids Mode creates friendly, fun user experience for the little ones, while giving you full controls on what content, media, and functionality your children access, including a time-limit setting.


    Friends make learning fun

    Help grow your children’s curiosity and help them learn with the colourful, friendly characters of Monster Class. Let these little creatures delight, entertain, tell stories, and help your children discover and learn.


    Let their imagination run wild

    Let your little prodigy find inspiration, a drawing mode that turns the tablet into a canvas, ready to take your children on a journey of imagination. Multiple brushes and colour selections, along with multimedia and photo functions free your children to grow and create, all without leaving a mess.


    Keep Them Safe, Set Them Free

    Sophisticated range of controls help you make sure that your children are cared for, exactly how you want them to be. Time limits, content control, and app access control let you be there, even when your children are off exploring.


    Powerful Enough for a Growing Mind

    Colourful, flexible, soft, and durable, the Kids MediaPad provides non-slip, protected body design making it comfortable to use, and protects the device from the occasional “oops” moment. Flexible grip acts as a stand, and enables your children to easily walk around with the device, while the interactive pen stylus helps your children develop fine motor skills while maintaining the safety of your children.